When Do Stormwater Consultants Beneficiaries Need Their Services?

When Do Stormwater Consultants Beneficiaries Need Their Services?

Stormwater consultants are individuals or firms that design and implement stormwater systems, such as waste water disposal and sewage collection. These systems are often used in municipal environments, such as urban locations. The purpose of a stormwater system is to reduce runoff and water pollution by diverting stormwater away from the community’s resources and directing it towards designated stormwater retention areas. Depending on the circumstances, stormwater consultation services may be conducted by a number of individuals, firms, or government agencies. This article will discuss the types of situations where stormwater consultants may be beneficial.


There are basically two ways to create stormwater drainage systems. One way is to utilize man-made channels, for example river channels, while the other way is to recreate natural water channels through vegetated canals, trees, and other barriers. Man made channels can be expensive to create, whereas creating natural channels via the use of vegetated barriers is free and simple. Vegetation should be used to direct stormwater runoff away from residential communities, and towards parks, recreational facilities, etc. This ensures that stormwater does not contaminate the surrounding soil and water supplies, and can reduce runoff into local creeks and rivers.


Some jurisdictions also require that stormwater is directed towards designated stormwater retention areas in order to ensure that these systems are not polluted. Stormwater consultants can help with placement of stormwater drainage objects, such as trees and barrier walls. They may also be able to assist with clearing away trash and debris in order to make the path of stormwater drainage easier to navigate. In the long run, proper stormwater drainage is essential for reducing pollution in local groundwater systems.

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