How to Choose the Right Plow for Your New Business

How to Choose the Right Plow for Your New Business

disc plow

A disc plow is a flat-ended harrow whose cutting edge is a row of parallel metal discs, usually scalloped at an angle. It’s an agricultural tool used to till the land where plants are to be grown. It’s also frequently used to chop away unwanted crop stayders or unwanted weeds.


There are many kinds of one-way disc ploughs, and you need to choose one based on how you use it. For example, if you’re only plowing lawns and not planting flowers or other plants, then a stubble disc plow should work well for you. The cutting edge of the disc is aimed at the grass, and it scrapes up the entire field in one fell swoop. A two-way disc plow, on the other hand, is best when one end of the blade is hooked onto a handle and the other end is left uncut.


There are also many different kinds of attachments for disc plows, depending on how much extra weight you need to carry with you. If you need to carry a lot of extra weight on your plow, then a double-action plow is best. On the other hand, if you only have to plow small fields, then a stubby plow will work well for you. You can even purchase a snow plow, but snow and ice can be a hazard, especially in the winter time. Finally, there are also disc plow augers, which can be used when you need to get into very tight places. These augers allow you to get right up into a tree or other structure that would otherwise be impossible to drill into.

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